StarPoint, 2016

New Art: StarPoint, 2016

Hello Hello! Yet another rush week. StarPoint was something I put together on the fly this morning. Yesterday, we experienced a 12 hour power out (apparently due to a crow flying into a circuit breaker at an LADWP Power Distribution center). In between running around and tossing fridge content, I decided to take some time off and get some reading and relaxation in. It was definitely needed. Thank you, Mr. Crow! Also, RIP Mr. Crow (I'm assuming). Luckily it didn't mess up my schedule. click on the image below for a larger version. StarPoint © 2016

Yes, it was another rush job. As I'm sure next weeks will be as well. It's yet another deadline week. But that should be it for a while! Hope you dig it! Based on a couple sketches I stitched together: StarPoint © 2016

See you next week! Jose Snapchat: Cluepac Instagram: Cluepac