The IHP Friendly Flyer #1999- MAD magazine

Checking in for one of my final posts of the year (yeah, I only posted one other time this year). It was a hectic year (which will be explained in THE final post of the year). I was very lucky this year and got to work on a bunch of stuff. BUNCH of stuff. Hence the lack of posts. Anyway, one of the greatest publications ever asked me to contribute illustrations, not once but THREE Times, this year! The first one was for the extra special "Weird AL" Yankovic guest-edited issue. It was a 2 page illustration for an article titled,"Things To Ask Your Sex Ed Teacher (Just To Mess With Him)". It was written by the hilarious Kenny Keil and appears in issue #533 (June 2015). click on the image for a larger version


The next issue, I contributed art to The Fundalini Pages section. "Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Rap Battle" was written by Kenny Keil. The issue is #534 (August 2015) click on the image for a larger version

The third piece was also written by Kenny Keil (and again, very funny). This one also appeared in The Fundalini Pages section.  "Overheard at 50 Cent's Bankruptcy Estate Sale" features 50 and the G-Unit holding a yard sale. Issue #536 click on the image for a larger version


As always, I have a great time working on these MAD magazine illustrations, and I'm honored to be part of such a legendary publication. Many thanks to Ryan Flanders, Sam Viviano, Kenny Keil and the crew at MAD!