IHP Annual Report #345- Happy 2016 updates and news

Hey Everybody! Happy Almost 2016! I did a new drawing today! Something I haven't been able to do much lately. Even though I draw everyday, it's rare that I get to do something for myself. 2015 has been a really tough year around here. Not in any bad way, it's been a great year (well, except for Martin's two surgeries and a couple gout attacks on my feet), but still it's been tough in a roller-coaster-y way. Though it's been filled with many great gigs (see the last two posts), I'm still dying to get a lot of my own work and ideas off the ground. I have a lot planned for 2016, and much of that has already been in the works. This past year, I mostly posted old(er) artwork every week for Throwback Thursday. I think I'm going to continue that next year, but I'll also be throwing in NEW WORKS on a weekly basis. Really mostly smaller, quicker illustrations tailored for Instagram. Some of these have already been set up and started (I call em pre-baked). Next week, maybe Monday or Tuesday, I'll post the first of these on Instagram. A new illustration will follow every week thereafter. Score!

Also, this website is currently undergoing some changes. I've done a bunch of work to the archives (re-sizing artwork, tagging, etc). I'm also in the process of updating the look and interface of the whole thing. Please bear with me as I scrape away at this project. Hopefully soon it will be nice and shiny and user friendly. I'm updating the portfolio section as well.

I'm still pretty active on social media (mostly Facebook and Instagram). Please check my Social Media List and subscribe, follow, friend, connect, etc...

I have some big things in store next year. I'm nervous as hell about it. Probably about as big as my move to Los Angeles. I'm excited, scared, and optimistic. I can't wait to share new work with everybody. Thank to everybody for all the love and support! Catch you all next year!

Happy New Year!

Dollar Dollar Bills, Jose