The IHP Register post #882- What it is

Hey doods, Don't have much to say right now, just trying to get back in the habit of updating this site. Most of what I've been showing has been tossed up on instagram (, Tumblr (, Twitter (, and of course, Facebook ( Be sure to follow if you can. I would mad love you.

I'm still plugging away on TMNT character designs. I'm neck deep in season 3, and my 3 year anniversary is coming up in about a month. How the time, she flies. Anyway, I thought I'd share this little drawing with you. It's from the Operation: Break Out episode of season 01 (episode 124). Mikey had a dream that he and Donnie were Rodeo Detectives. Some True Detective type shit right there, flat circle and all. It was really great to be able to draw these fools in my style. It's such an honor to get to work on this show, but to see some straight up Jose G TMNT art on the tv screen damn near tore my head apart.

TMNT Rodeo Detectives


Rodeo Detectives screen grab

Hope all is well out there in webworld. I'll try to stay more up to date, even if it's brief and I'm just dropping sketches/doodles.