IHP Dispatch #976-2013 post Pt 2- Weekend Sketch Style

So, where do I begin with these? A little over 3 years ago I moved to Los Angeles. Prior to that, I spent my entire life in the Chicagoland area. In the last year and a half of my life in Chicago, I produced a weekly sketch page which documented upcoming events for the coming weekend. After the move to LA, being new in town, newly married, extremely broke and eventually very busy, I never got the feel for LA nightlife. Hopefully that will change soon and I'll be able to get back to the Weekend Sketch thing. Because they were fun. And they kept me on my toes. Since then, I've tried in vain to create a similar sketch style page, but have yet to accomplish one that I could keep up with on a regular basis.Here are a couple of the failures. click on the images for a larger version

This one was to be called "The Randomy", in which I would use random internet news, memes, etc. instead of events. I hardly got halfway into it when I put it down and forgot about it. Perhaps I'll try it again. or not. The Randomy copyright 2013 Jose Garibaldi

I then attempted to do a character page for each of my Teen Heaven characters. These I'm pretty sure I'll continue when I get back into the swing. This is for ADAM, a member of the Teen Heaven band. ADAM/Ector/Teen Heaven copyright 2013 Jose Garibaldi

After this, I just did a few full page sketches called "Internet House Party". Just a bunch of sketches done a bit at a time until the page is full. For now this seems like the best fit, so I'll be keeping these up. Or so I tell myself. copyright 2013 Jose Garibaldi

copyright 2013 Jose Garibaldi

copyright 2013 Jose Garibaldi

copyright 2013 Jose Garibaldi

And this is just some random,off the top of the dome style comic. Scam Lite, named after a small comic series I did in 2006. I might keep adding to this one, so stay tuned. Scam Lite copyright 2013 Jose garibaldi

More are posts coming up! As always and forever, this has been a Comeups Sensation. Jose Gee