Something New...

no interruptions, no interference.I like it when spell check confirms I spelled something right the first time... Anyway, here are some new sketches from the past few weeks. I went pretty thin on the linework with a .005 micron. I need some new ones.

I've taken a huge break from drawing (in my spare time, still drawing for work) in order to get my living situation straight. For months I've had boxes piled in my living room, begging to be sorted out. 15 bags of shredded paper later and I'm still not done. I'm enjoying it, though. A lot of memories were came back. Then I tossed em into the wastebasket. Being able to let go of the past (in the form of sketches, letters, etc.) has worked wonders. Gotta love catharsis. Goodbye CDs, Bye DVDs, later tapes, books, embarrassing letters, etc...

I'm itching to return to the drawing board, and digging through my stuff has definitely added fuel to the fire. Gonna probably take another month to organize, then it's on to writing, and then back to the drawing board (computer desk).

Well, at least something positive has come from this stupid cold weather.

Hope everything's gravy mit you.

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