Mad #495 on sale this week

Good morning! Happy Octobers people. So far, off to a good start! Had a good time last weekend, as documented by young Intel. Mad Magazine #495 , November 2008 Just want to let everyone know that the latest issue of Mad Magazine hits the comic shops today, and I think it should be on the magazine rack at your preferred bookseller no later than next week. Or you can always order online. I have two pages this time around, 10 illustrations for an article titled " When High School Elections Are Run Like Presidential Elections", written by Nathaniel Stein.

Other works in prgress: A custom Devil Dog for the Osaka Popstar Devil Dog Art Show, this Halloween in NYC

and of course, I'm always working on Teen Heaven. one day one day.... Ector and Adam from Teen Heaven

Well, it's back to work time. Peace!

Jose G