hey, all. Welcome to the new josegaribaldi.com. Or Jose's Internet House Party 2.0. I finally figured out what to do with this domain name. The original site had not been updated in years, I went and started a new illustration site, began posting most of my work on myspace and blogs, and pretty much let everything get out of control. I've been keeping really busy since then, yet have been neglecting to post these images and updates.

I'm hoping I can get it straight this time around. I'm treating this domain as a hub. Links will be posted to the various sites I have set up. I'll blog with news and updates. Live art (if and when I do such events), djing (ditto), Gallery shows, comics work and release dates for published work.

Sorry if I may be a little incoherent. I'm a little tired, slightly sick and very hungry.

And pardon the construction dust. I'm still trying to get a grip on this wordpress thing in between gigs.

I'll roll out updates soon.

In other news, I've completed to articles for Mad magazine, on stands soon. Obviously I've been working on a grip of Kunoichi stuff, and I restarted the Teen Heaven graphic novel. I'm I a douche for being in love with these new pages I've done?

eh, maybe.

In the meantime, check the links to the right. Friend me on myspace, and on facebook.

Peace! Jose

oh yeah, and I will (one day) upload the old version of the site, and I will archive the myspace blogs.