Internet House Party 109- Dinninit!


Gonna make this quick, gotta get back on my grind. I broke away from coloring for a second to do a little bit of sketching here and there. Nothing big. I'm dying to do more drawing. The top three were from my trip to L.A. during the summer. Last one I did yesterday. gold star for me.

Old character (and Evil DJ Cap'm Hook's original nemesis) Deejay Poppyseedgluvs. Redone with a Comeups hat.

Here's a quickie flyer I designed for my homie Maker. It's his Birthday Party tonight! I better see you there. Mr. Motherfucking Dibbs will be there. Cain't go wrong. Deeds related characters.

and here's some color work I've been on. First, the Earthworms' new album cover. Drawing by Foodone, finishes by Jose G line work colors.

and here's a couple peeks of what I've been working on for the past couple months- Magic Pickle by Scott Morse. Dropping next summer from Scholastic Books (Graphix) Scott and Scholastic asked me to add color to the Magic Pickle graphic novel, which was originally published by Oni Press. I should be done with it this weekend.

Next stop- Smileytower! Be sure to check my profile page to keep up on my live art and DJ gigs. Oh, and subscribe to my blog. I promise I'll be your friend :) Have a fun and safe Halloween weekend. Peace, Jose a/k/a/ crazy pickle arm. Gammaay some canday!!!

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