IHP 106- Fight Series no. 6: Hold The Mayo

Whattuppers? Sorry for the slow updates, workin my grind as usual. In addition to the coloring/comic/flyer/etc work, I took part in a group art show last weekend called "Get Fit" at the south side 32nd & Urban gallery. There was a great turnout, thanks to all who rolled through. If you couldn't make it to the opening, no worries. The show's open until May 23rd. Here's the piece I contributed, titled "Fight Series No. 6: Hold The Mayo". It was inspired by Olivia Newton-John (though that isn't her in the painting...) Acrylic on illustration board, 20" x 32" It's selling for $560.00. If you'd like to buy it, please contact the fine folks at 32nd & Urban Gallery - 3201 S.Halsted Ave. , Chicago IL 60608 thirty_second_urban@yahoo.com 312-846-6569

Other than that, still working on the Deeds/Teen Heaven comics. More details as I get closer to completion. Live art in Aurora on May 25th.

Hope you're all enjoying life. Sun's out, bitches!!!

peace, Jose G.