IHP 103- NYC, Mad, and other goodness

RANTLERS! BILLIONS OF UM! WHOAH!!!!! New York was the shit. Thanks to Actual Fact for putting us up in his crib. Thanks to Pickel for his massive hustle to put us on at the Showroom. Peace to the Formula Crew, Sket, Jim Koch, The Mimobot gang, Brook, Jen, Jim, Sara Martin, Static, Joe M, Whitney and Kirby, and all you knuckleheads I kicked it with. NYC is lovely, and I'll have to go back. Why do I suck at taking photos? I got this fucking digital camera (which I bought mostly for phot ref and snapping pics of textures) Anyway, here's what I took of my trip... L-R- ActFact, Ryan Wax, Joey Potts

The ThunderDog party at The Showroom. DJ- Pickel, Merk and Chad Live Art- Jose G, FoodOne, Joey Potts, Jim Koch, Sara Martin

Me, Sara Martin, Jim Mahfood and Joey Potts

Rest In Space, Space-Boy... The Scumbag scale (0 = Scummiest, 10= Least ) starts with MP and ends with Intel. Bone courtesy of FoodOne ...And as a bonus, special surprise guest, Gloomy Bear creator Mori Chack! I saw him at the end of the night, and he was kind enough to add to the mural...

Jose G and Mori Chack Gloomy Bear That was a helluva night.

The day before I left for NY, I was called by Mad mag to provide the art for a two page article called " Mad's Teacher Translation Guide". It's all done (was up past 5:30 am last night finishing it) and I'll post the issue and date as soon as I know. Since I haven't posted much art lately, I figured I'd post sketches from the last Mad article I did, from the Feb. 07 issue. If you want to see the final art, cop that ish from your local bookstore...

Saturday, March 3rd, Chicago IL, District 13 1706 W Chicago Ave, from 6pm-10pm Be there, sissieeeeeeeessss... A preview of my collab w/ Nick Bach for Impaired Visions (to see the finished version, hit the District 13 Gallery tomorrow)

Some flyer art for the Double Up, March 16th, Darkroom... Bound to be more than ten shits worth of fun...

Aaaand a little sketch to take you out... The Lenny6000


Peace, and Merry Tweekend! ~ DJ Tamale G

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