I.H.P. no. 101- Live Art Holidaze

Yeeah! Happy New Year! Got some pics before I get into my New Year's musings... I did FOUR live art gigs in little over a week. One of them out of state. Mah bones is tahrd! Live art from Marshall McGearty's 12/22/06

I was challenged to do a painting in 30 minutes. I did this in 15...

Live Art from Morseland- 12/23/06 I had to paint on panelling, since Home Depot was out of my usual board....

Live art from the Atomic Cowboy, STL- 12/27/06 Didn't take many pictures. Hopefully Jim or Mike will send me some. Great night! Earthworms fuckin killed it! got too drunk to finish this one. I'm embarrassed.

Live art from the Empty Bottle- 12/30/06 hell yeah! Black Sheep!

Don't know about you, but I think 07 could be a good year. I'm talking personally, because global warming and war are still motherfuckers... I'm trying not to get into this big rant about how shitty last year was. It wasn't even all that terrible. I had good times with some good friends. Met a lot of new people. One in particular who brought me out of a serious funk. I lost some loved ones ( R.I.P Dad). Lost a lot of money (gotta do better this year!). Painted a shitload. Created some of my best work ever. I am disappointed I didn't do more, but when you feel down, the last place you want to be is chained to a drawing board or computer. Thanks to my peeps who put a smile on my face during the tough times. Traci, Brandy, Katie, Jake, Sara, Jason, Sang, Tony, Ryan Wax, Joey Potts, Won, Julie, Rose, MP, Shane, Stalnos, Christine, Mahf, Rift, Emily, Pugs, MTM, Carl, Adam, Jamie, Josh, Bob R, Joe F, Laura, Maker, Tarin, Rod and all the Scumbags around the way. I love my homeys. And of course my crew. Jim, Mike and Dave. Jackie, Jessica, Paul and Mom- We start this year one person gone, but twice as strong. I'm sorry we don't get to spend as much time together as we should. I guess we're each on our own grind. But I take comfort knowing you'll be there when I need you, and know that I'll be there just the same for you . Pops, I miss you much. I always wish you could see me painting on stage with some of my all time favorite acts. I know you're proud of your kids. You've never kept secret.

love Jose. oh yeah- Oliver and Elliot never cease to put a smile om my face. Oh Oh- and I'm not about to get into my top five, top ten albums of the year but I will say this. Number One on that list would be Haiku's Blew. It's the album I listened to the most, and it pretty much defined my whole summer. Thanks to Tony and Rod for that one.
here's some new Mad for Kids art. and to prove 07 will be a good year... shhh. Shhhhhhhhh. SHHHHHHHHHHH.... see you in the funny pages.

p.s. tomorrow night....

all work (except the video and sweet Jim Mahfood drawing) is © 2007 Jose Garibaldi