Live art pics from Wed Night Trimm @ Danny's 11/29

I'm waiting on photos from Huddleston so you can get the full scoop. Thanks to those who made it out and gave props. Thanks to Tony Trimm and Novem for setting this up. Thanks to Once A Month and John Herndon for the dancefloor flavors... Thanks to Mike and Erin for rockin it once again! Wednesday Night Trimm at Danny's is always a good time. Peace to the birthday girls in the house! Thanks to Carl Wilson for being Carl Wilson. The first piece of the night. This was supposed to only be a warm-up. I like it.. "Ricky Walks With God" Detail. Thanks to Mike  for the board...

The second piece of the night. I painted til the end... Deetells....

I'll most likely edit this post with an update once I get more photos. It's strange looking at these live art paintings under normal light. Most spots are dark with colored lights, so it alters the colors you work with.

Don't have any more Live art shows booked until late December, though I'm sure one or two will come up between now and then. I'll keep you posted. plus you could always check my profile for dates, etc..

image and characters  ©2006 Jim Mahfood. Don't Bite.

In other news, , Jim Mahfood's website, has finally been updated. I know Jim's been working on getting this up since last year, and after a few setbacks it's good to go. I did the coloring for all his webpage images (and I colored a few illustrations here and there). Check it out, leave Jim some love and let me know what you think! And be sure to give props to Jen for her web finesse!

inspired by the Isleys....

Peace! Stay warm, Chicago! Jose Gee

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