Live art from Tini Martini - 11/14/06

Photos from last night. Comeups on deck,Jose G X M Huddl on the artboards. Thanks to all who came through. Payce! the Tini Martini - Pickel in the booth

Rift and MP

Rift, Ryan Wax, Mp, oh wait..... Boston?

Mike Huddleston


Double Trub

guess it's a work in progress.....

the better of my pieces- not quite there.....

MP next to the pink ghost of his inner hater

Mike's first piece of the night

Mike H is better than Jose G. How I hate him.....

Don't forget, round two tonight at The Funky Buddha Lounge. Rhymfest video premiere, new Kid Cut Up mixtape. be dere. Laters, Jose G

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