"It's been a long time" No. 3,000 : New Characters and Art- Edited

Hooooo! Over two months since the last update! I've had a lot going on lately, sadly not as productive as I'd like to be. Been swimming through these clouds over my head, I wonder if it's the weather shifts. I keep starting new scam comics, end up trashing them before I could finish. So, what's the haps?

I have a new website: www.littlebrownheart.com

I've been featured on www.drawn.ca (thanks, guys! You blew my hit counter up and I couldn't be happier about it)

Bunch of shit is brewing in my secret skull. A couple short stories by year's and an original Jose G comic series, hopefully early 07. Hopefully.

Got three pages in an upcoming issue of Mad magazine. Don't know which one, though...

Here's a bunch of new, original character designs. They're all part of the Little Brown Heart takeover.

left- King Aesthetic, right- Twin Brother King Haterbaldi Characters in progress

Do Rags and Top hats


Chameleon Girl

E-Roy E-Roy's Sneaks

EDIT: the previous Sunshine image I posted was foul. It had a layer which was out of place. All is corrected.

Sunshine Smiles Detail Plus, I also wanted to post a close up of her earrings- Bonehead- the first character I ever created, back in 6th grade. He's been upgraded and incorporated into the Teen Heaven Universe.... The shirt design

I've got more character designs in the works.

Tonight! at the Moda 3 Gallery in Milwaukee Here are a couple of my contributions: Jose G vs Blutt - the first Chameleon Girl!

Jose G vs Revise CMW number 7,080

Gonna be off the hook. Shit, I'm running late! I promise to update soon!

Oh yeah- TEASE!



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