NEEERRRDDSS!!! (table number 4013)

Yo, not much time to bullshit, so sorry if I have yet to write you. I'm setting up this weekend at Wizard World Chicago, got a table w/ Dave Crosland (hiredmeat on my friends list. add him). Table number 4013 I'll be selling commissioned drawings, etc. Might have a couple prints and some ye olde mini comics. Deeds won't be done in time, but I'll have previews and new shit. Just axe me about em.

Good news! i will be providing three pages of art for an upcoming issue of Mad!!! I'm moving up from the kids mag to the regular one. Dope! more news as it comes.

Project Romantic is in this month's Diamond Previews. I'll post the order code someday soon. Order five for yourselves and for your greazy grannies!

Don't forget, The live art show is this Saturday! I better see you folks at the Black Beetle. F'real. You don't want to miss this. So after the con and/or after Lallapalooza come check us, drink, dance, watch us paint and hook up with a lovely lady (or homeboy, the choice is yours. you could get with this, or you could get with that)

click on the various links below for more info.

WIZARD WORLD CHICAGO AFTER PARTY Live art- Jim Mahfood, Jose Garibaldi, Dave Crosland, Mike Huddleston and Mike Bianco Sounds provided by The Comeup- Deejay Pickel, Intel and Maker with guest DJ Mahf Saturday, August 5th 9pm- 3am The Black Beetle 2532 W. Chicago Ave 21+ No Cover Art will be for sale


See you meetches there!


Oh, and tonight!!! I will be there, so should you...

THE CANKLES won the round of online voting with 47.30% of the votes and moves onto the Last Band Standing Finals on August 2nd from 7pm-Midnight at Double Door. Come out and join Q101, Bud Light, and special guest judges for finals! Watch Chicago's The Cankles complete against four other bands from around the country compete for the Last Band Standing title. The other bands competing include: Kate Starr (from Virginia), Tonedeff (from NYC), The Appleseed Cast (from Kansas), and Everybody Else (from Los Angeles). The winner of Last Band Standing will be announced tonight!

Congrats to the Cankles for taking it this far. YOU WILL SEE THEM PLAY LALLAPALOOZA!!!! that's just my prediction.


damn it's fuckin hot....