My Chemical Romance...

Here's a cover image I did for what was to be Lo-Fi magazine issue seven. Unfortunately it will not see print. R.I.P. Lo-Fi... Thanks to Greg and Josh for giving me a cover shot, though.

This is not the final version. I had plans to go  back into it once it was ready for print. This is just the solicitation version...

Don't know what I'm going to do with it now. Maybe rearrange it so it works without having the title space up top...

I've never listened to M.C.R. before. They any good?

Speaking of good, wasn't Stevie Wonder the illest?

Fhuck. Talking Book, Innervisions, Music of My Mind, Songs in the Key of Life, Fulfitti, fulfilli, fulfinni-- fuck it, you know, the good one!


Jose G.

p.s. Sorry about the no Scam! this week (or last). More are coming, I've just have some other shit to finish.

Peace to you assholes in San Diego (ie- most of the office) Hope you dickhaids are having fun. The sky just took a piss all over us in the MidW.

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