ain't no fun....

yeah it is. I lied. Painting, drawing, especially for yourself- tons of fun.

I had a great time last Saturday. Haiku killed it. Geti killed it. Crucial killed it. Thanks to these cats for letting me push paint around. I think these are some of my favorite pieces I've ever done at any of these live art events. If you haven't been to one of 'em, stop slacking, come out, support and have a good time. The deejays are the shit, artists are the bomb, and everyone is there to have big fun.

Here are the two paintings I did at the Dennehy realease show, Saturday, July 8fth--- This has got to be the fastest painting I've ever done.

I had other plans for this piece while I painted the background. As I laid down the gray b.g., I thought to do an image resembling a black and white sticker of some face (or some other dumb shit.) Then I looked at it, and this appeared to me. That shit sounds crazy, and I'm not a religious cat, but I swear 'fo god that's what happened. Out of all the pieces I've painted live (and off the top of my dome), this is my favorite. Hams down. I still want to touch it up, tighten the piece up like Archie Bell did the Drells.

The weekend before I painted at Untitled on Clark. I didn't finish the piece, but plan to go back into it. She's holding a knife... never wrong a woman.

The following images are for the front and back covers of a book I hope to have available next month. It's called Wait For Me, and it's a collection of short stories, sketches, concept art and character designs. These images are close to being done, just couldn't wait to post them. The line drawings were done three years ago, hence the specs, shaved head and goatee. And the Hulk pants. I colored these pages a week ago, so it's a strange blend of old and new... the front...wip the back... ditto

Hope all is good. This sucka is tired. Don't believe Intel or Brandy when they ask you out for "one beer". Boolshet.

Laters! Jose G

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