Live Art photos from last thurs... and more

Damn, this party and bullshit life needs to slooow down.well, maybe not. Fuck it, I'm having fun. I've got a shit ton of Live Art gigs on the calendar for the coming weeks. July 1st @ Untitled on Clark, July 8th for the Denehey release party @ Martyr's, Mid-July sometime for Wednesday Night Trimm, and the party of the year- the Wizard World after party, August 5th, most likely at the Black Beetle.

My man Itchie asked if I could paint for his birthday Celebration at Mix last Thurs. I asked my man CarlWilson if he could come through and rock a piece with me. The results were magic... Carl doin his dang.. WIP

And here's a treat for all my south side peoples- Photos from back in the day... I had no idea these even existed until Jamie busted em out last night. She says she has more. Big fun, peoples..

Fresh faced Jose G, Jamie Rowland, and Scott Ruhl Me and Jamers at Round the Clock The real life Invisible Jose Adam and Jamie in my old apt.. Carl, Jessica, Chuck, Adam, Jamie Ahh...wimmin. B.F.L.

Project Romantic: This close to being done. and out. I'll post some "making of" art soon, since a lot went into it that won't be seen in the final product. Please go and check out the live art shows. Help me keep this thing rollin. I'm always posting updates on my myspace front page and bulletins, events, etc. Thanks! Peace, LLJG

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