Scam! 06/08/06

Yes, it has been two months.

I stopped working on these strips when my dad passed in April. From that, I had a ton of work that I needed to catch up on. The whole time, I wondered how I would return to the strip. A tribute to dad? (There will be one) A humerous adventure not featuring me, but my funny animal characters (there is one half done funny animal Scam! strip which I will finish soon) Nope. The past month has been a bit of an awakening for me. After a year plus of being in a funk, I've opened my eyes to all that's good in my life. Art shows, kick ass friends, the city of Chicago, and other personal things I won't get into here. I finally feel like I could let go of the past I so desperately clinged to. I've accepted change, and appreciate what I have. Yeah, the shit sounds fuckin corny (and it is), but it lifts my spirits. So fuck it.

That's pretty much what I address in the new strip. Kicking the shit out of the things that give me a headache. Takin' care of bid'nizz.

Summer's here! Surf's up, meetches! Later, Jose G

Scam is ©2006 Jose J Garibaldi