June 3rd photos, art and love

Holee shiit. What a weekend.All I can say is, if you missed the show on Saturday you will never forgive yourself. I will never forgive you. At least not until you get the chance to see the lovely Jean Grae and turntable wizard Z-Trip live. The whole night seemed to pass in the blink of an eye. Probably one of the highlights of my life. Peace to those who made it out and showed love. Thanks to Z-Trip, Jean Grae, Pugslee Atomz, Dynamic Vibrations for rocking the house. Thanks to Greenweedz for hosting. Thanks to Pickel, Intel and Maker aka Come-Up Kings. Thanks to my partner in art crime, Revise. Thanks to everyone who helped get everything together. And most of all, thanks to Sang. This man busted his ass to get us up on stage, bring in the hot performers and bring you all a party to remember. Intel, you could stop hurling those Red Bulls at me now... Masters about to work. Intellionaire left, Pickallian Stallion right
Look at that crowd...
Revise doing his thing. like the brush and paint thing....
The maestro killin it
My Solo Piece. Acrylic on board
Jose G vs. Revise CMW part 3. Now owned by Madadam
and somewhere in the area of 5:30am Happy Birthday Deejay Intel I always forget to take photos during these shows. Someone needs to install some kind of camera-eyeball into my head. Fortunately these folks took better pics:
The weather is beautiful and life is grand! "Peace cee ya later" Jose
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