Scam! 04/07/06

Chweet dreams are maitre'de (s)...
in other news- Ugh. I'm tired. I have this new routine (at least for the next couple weeks) where I get up, go to work, come home around 5:30, go to sleep til 8-8:30, get up and get to work(at home). This project romantic story is doing a number on me, but it is bringing back the passion for drawing/coloring/et al... I just can't wait until the summer. Not looking foward to doing the whole tax thing next week. every year I swear I'm gonna get them shits done early, and I never do... To everybody that's e-mailed, called, texted, etc...sorry if I haven't replied yet. I'm slow. I'm trying to stay in this work mode right now, that's why I'm not going out for coffee and all that shee-eie-yot. I'll probably break out tomorrow night, hit the beetle (as usual). Just trying to save some dough, plus stay close to home. Once this story is all wrapped up I'll be oot and aboot again. Peace, Chy'ull<

Jose G

Oh! New ish of Mad Kids (Zack & Cody (w.t.fuck?) cover) should be out. Go get it. If it's not out, buy the last issue (I'm sure none of you test tube babies got it yet!)

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