Lifemeter comics in UK Edge magazine

Lifemeter comics, a blog dedicated to showcasing art and comicsinspired by video games has been written up in a UK videogame mag called "edge".
Guess who got a mention?

copied from the Lifemeter site:

Lastly, is the most exciting bit of news for us. Life Meter has seen print! UK video game magazine Edge has picked Life Meter as its website of the Month in their current (April) issue! Thanks go to Mark Kelly for the heads up. Here's what they had to say: Showing all the same inspiration and artistic vision that Raina Lee's 1up 'zine and the iam8bit show have bought to the community, Lifemeter editors Zack Giallongo, Dave Roman and Stephanie Yue have created one of the interent's premier showcases for game related art and comics. Though still in its early stages, Lifemeter grows daily with submissions from a dedicated group of indie artists from around the world, all sharing their takes on their favourite digital worlds. Thus far the submissions seem to rarely stray from the classic Nintendo panthenon, perhaps proving the 8bit system's influence on a generation of budding artists. But already the site shows a diverse range of reactions to the subject matter, from standard gag comics to Jose Garibaldi's silent telling of a Mario called to action and the princess he leaves behind.

Go buy it now!

----------------- Weerd!! Props to Dave Roman and the lifemeter gang. The site is dope. Also on the blog are works by my boys Scott Ruhl and Elio.

If you want to peep the story mentioned above, follow the link. Untitled: Leaving Also, big up to Shaughn Struble, for originally publishing the story in the 2004 issue of A United Front.

For the record, my favorite strip on that site is the one with Mario in the frog suit.

Also, to any of my UK peoples: Is there a way someone could get me a copy of this edge mag? I'll compensate you for your time, cost of the mag plus shipping, etc. Hit me up and let me know. Thanks!!!

Oh, don't fret. Another update is on the way today!

peace, Jose