This Is A Photo Blog, I Repeat...

This is a photo blog.
Last night I came across a bunch of these old photos. Proceed to makefun of me. Just leave Carl alone. Say one thing about Carls and I'll kick your teeth in.

me at (i think) 17. 1995 rocking the Yellow Kid shirt Myself and the late Wesley Willis at the MTP ComicCon table Rosemont, IL. 1997. R.I.P. Wes chillin w/ Frank Cho and Marc Hempel in 97 Drunken convention nights in 98 Clockwise from top- Scott Ruhl, Charlie, Carl and Josh Milhouse "Eggplant" Stan Wenches and Mike Bianco in 98 Eggplant and Mike, again.... me in late 98 i think.... couple freshface photos of myself and Sara. This was less than two months after I started JRL Me and Shag in 2002. chillin with Sara at my sister's graduation, 2004(?)

Have a good laugh at my expense! Peace.

Jose G