Come on, come along take a ride...

forget about your troubles and your 9 to 5...Not much to report. This week went from picking myself up from the sadness of the previous week, to topsy turvey. It's hard to get a grip on reality anymore. The truth has defied all logic, and my brain had cramped up to the size of a pea. So for now, if I seem stupid, I'm doing it as a reaction to life. I won't be a dick, just dumb. So last night after I arrived home from work, I layed in bed watching Alias. Fell asleep around 7pm, woke around 12:30 then watched more Alias til 5am (Jim and Dave got me hooked on this show. Thanks alot, dicks.). It felt good to be a vegetable, especially since I was close to having a freak out episode (yesterday afternoon). Still trying to handle my business, but I'm still not too motivated to work. Well that is until now. I'm working on a full color short comic due to appear in an awesome anthology sometime this summer. It has been brewing well before I was asked to do it, and now is the perfect time with all that's going on personally. The short is called SLK-1178: TheGhost-Robot and The Girl From Space. You might recall an image I posted last summer. Well  It's being retooled a bit, and it's got even more soul to it. The story is really written for two people on this earth. Myself, and someone who is very near and dear to my heart (you know who)But yeah, I'm psyched. Peep the work.
Joz6 on the left, SLK-1178 on the right
top portion of page two. It'll make sense later...
notesand a little something to leave youse with.. Peace, everybody. If anybody is up for hanging out, tonight I'll be at Lava Lounge (Damen and Iowa). Come get a drink and listen to the Quadrophonicd deejays rock the fonky shit.
Quadraphonics -> Intel, Genghiswon, MadadamLava 859 N. Damen 10pm 21 FreeCheap beer and effen vodkaPeace, wonce again! Josewords, picture, and ideas2006 Jose Garibaldi.