The previous post

was just a test. I'm just checking out the privacy settings on thisblog. I'm not trying to be a dick or hold people at arms length. I'm usually not too shy about posting personal things on this blog. I've dragged a bunch of you through some of my daily woes, often revealing a little more than I care to. Right now, only my family members and people who are very close to me, who know me better than most can view that last blog, It's going to remain that way. There may be times I feel like posting something very personal, and I don't want the world to read it.I doubt this would happen often, if at all. Like I said, it was only a test. It's not a slight, it's not a dis, I still love you all....
As for this weekend, Tomorrow (Sat the 14th) I will be at the Abbey Pub for my man Sang's birthday party. Peanut Butter Wolf, D Styles, Pugz Atomz and Intel will be in full effect.
Tonight, I will most likely be at the Black Beetle. Then Pickel and I will most likely head up to Trevia for some celebratin.
Don't know how much hanging out I'll get to do this weekend, or next week even, since I've an asshole's worth of deadlines to meet. But get at me anyway and we'll see what's crackin. Thanks.

peace is the word.
Jose G