New sketches for the new year

It still counts as new right? I think it's newer now that we've allcome out of that drunken haze than it is on the first. Maybe there should be a slight grace period. Like a week that is neither 05 or 06. Thanks to all the friends, fam, and well wishers who wished me a happy birthday. I thought it was going to be a rough one, but I didn't spend new year's alone. DJ Pickel (who shares the same birthday as me) rocked a great set of hip hop and 80's club cuts. Y'know, the shit I love. Shane and I were kissed by some girl from Oklahoma. Cool. Got drunker than I thought I would, spent more money than I should of, but in light of recent events, it went pretty well. On the first, Shane, Myself, Josh, Carl and Robin ate dinner at Schuba's and caught The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe. It was one of my favorite books as a kid, and I thought they did a pretty good job with the movie. I want to see the animated version from the 80's again. take notes and compare. I'm trying to start sketching in my book again. Actually, as of yesterday I did start. I'm trying to bring back the passion and creativity I lost a little while back. I don't know if I'm burnt out from working on some of these longer projects or what, but lately I have not felt like working on anything. I'll pick away at something, and take twice as long to finish a piece. I'm sure if I push myself and work during this funk, eventually I'll start flowing again. Also, in regards to my last post, thanks everyone for the support. One thing I want to mention is that I'm not bitter. Having some alone time during the holidays led to a lot of thinking. A LOT of thinking. I know what I've got to do now, and I have to make that adjustment. I'm a firm believer that things eventually work out for the better. Maybe that's just a frame of mind, but whatever. I'm really sick of the bullshit, and if I stick to what I'm doing and concentrate on my own shit all that crap just goes away. Alright, on to the sketches before I start sounding like some lame motivational poster.... sketch from 01/04/06 Sketch from 01/05/06

Layout/Pencils for the next Mad Kids "Family Funnies" strip. Three more to go....

And now, a little bit of ol' shit... from 2003 The cover to what was originally going to be my printed sketchbook. It was going to be called "Wait For Me" and contained a short story inbetween all the sketches. It's a four page story which has only been seen by a small handfull of friends. I want to add a couple more pages, then I'll post it here. I promise. Anyway, the next year I slimmed down the sketch content, excluded the story and renamed the book to, "Some Bitch Told Me To Draw" and so the story goes..... The back cover to "Wait For Me"

Till next time folks....

Oh! Wait. To all the people who read this blog, please introduce yourselves! Just say " Hi, my name is Biz Markie" or whatever. Give me a pound! Tell me some New Year's Eve stories!

Solid, Jose G

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