End of the year..(heart be aching part whatever)

Yeah, professionally, it's been a stellar year. Dark Horse stuff, 40oz comics stuff, new spot in the city, live art, Mad mag stuff.....

Personally, it's been pretty shitty, and now I'm at a point where I'll have to sit in a world of pain and ride the hurt out. My head is spinning. But I have to stick to the choice I made.

To all my friends who were there for me, endless thank yous. You all went out of your way for a friend and I hope to one day repay.
To you. I love you. It sucks that it came to this. I have to stop myself from calling you and telling you about my day. I never even got to tell you how I fell in the shower Christmas morning (It's a funny story, too bad you won't hear it)  Even though we're not talking, I'm sure things will work out one way or another soon. But not now. I gotta preserve my self respect.
Seriously, if anybody would want to meet me for a drink, I could really use it about now. I have to distract myself as much as possible. Thanks Shane, Laura, Pugz, Jay and the Cankles for entertaining me last Monday. Sure, I drank a little toooo much. But I still made it to work on time (somewhat)
laters, and if I don't post again soon- Have a Happy New Year (pssst.. that's also my birthday ) Peace, everybody! Jose G

Now listening to:  Lexicon- Brokenhearted Procussions- Leave Her Alone (bye) Pharcyde- Otha Fish