STL, and Holidays and such (Legs be hurtin pt.1)

Just got back from St Louis where Jim Mahfood and I along withsome guests (ain't that right, Huddleston) kicked off alive art funk jam at the Red Sea. It was a good night, aside from the bullshit at Delmar (for real, FUCK the Delmar Lounge. you meatheads eat a dick). Word to Pickel, Mahf, Jim and the superhero of the night, Ben Shepard. Thanks for putting us up. If your ever in Chicago, hit me up! More live art action comig soon. Thanks, St Louis!
Just wrapped up the Holiday shopping. I'm tired. gotta wrap. Gotta rap. Gotta crash.
Peace!and Mistletoe. Jose G p.s. got a long weekend. Hit me up now playing: God's Stepson by Nas and 9th Wonder