Mok Mok Mok Mok.....

Me n Oliver get paid to wreck your set... Updizzles.... If you wrote me, and I haven't written back, I'm sorry. My attention /memory has a span of like....
Here's some  newness for you. Tomorrow, two products with my stamp will be out nation wide. The first one- Jingle Belle: The Fight Before Christmas. It's a one shot written by Paul Dini and features Stephanie Gladden on the cover and main story, me on the Lemmings story and J.Bone rocking a Jing vs. GWB short. It's only $2.99 for some straight up entertainment. Don't believe me? Here's a preview, suckers!!! (shhhhhhhhh) As I've said before, I'm really proud of the work I did on this story. It's inexpensive and a nice intro to the world of Jingle Belle. She's got her own movie in developement too, you know. And it's being produced by Adam Sandler. So buy up those copies! They make great stocking stuffers! Buy two for mom, three for Paulie and a couple two-t'ree for Jackie! While your at it, get the Jingle Belle Collection and the Jingle Belle Ornament!!!! Hot Shit!!!!The next Item on the list is "The Adventures of One Page Filler Man" It's written and drawn byJim Mahfood I just colored the cover..... But still, it's some hype shit. Do yourself a favor and check for it when you hit the comicshop tomorrow...Got any questions? hit me up and I promise to write back! Last week, I walked through a fucking blizzard just so I could check out the People Under the Stairs show. I braved the weather despite fears that the show would be cancelled. Luckily it wasn't. Pugzlee Atomz ripped it, Intel ripped it, and Pickel ripped it.. Pickel in the boof.... Then the P.U.T.S came out and killed it. I just geeked out (and I was a leeetle drunk). But the busted out a lot of my favorite jams with an energy I rarely see in some of the bigger acts. Maybe that's why Mos Def bored ne the next day (sorry Mos. You're dope, but I was anxious to leave the show early) I've been waiting a long while to catch the PUTS live, and this show seemed to come out of nowhere. Thes One, can you rock the mike? My mellow my man it's like riding a bike... Double K, can you rock the (ones and twos) Like riding a bike, only with training wheels... So shoot the gift and let them know the deal... Hang Loose!Arraight, that's it for this week, I think. Oh- Sketchbook night tomorrow at Piece! details by Animal Qwacker-

Calendar Event: 14 Dec 6:00 pm

Tired of the holiday hoo-ha already? Come in out of the cold and warm yourself by a pizza.

Get your holly jollies with some beer and pre-holiday drawing. We have space reserved! Here’s the where and when:Wednesday, December 14th, 6:00pm Piece (Brewery & Pizza) 1927 W. North Avenue Chicago, IL 60622 We’ll be in “The Pit”, in the front to the left and around the corner from the front desk.Remember, parking is scarce in Bucktown, but it's a short walk from the Damen Blue Line stop.Eat, drink and make scribbly, out of focus drawings with fellow Chicago artists. Hope to see you there! Don't forget your sketchbooks and drawing devices!I better see you ninjas there! later,

Jose G