Wip Appeal

Yo, Yo, Yo, YoLooks like my little break is over. Well, it's been over for a minute, but thefire is going to be under my ass again. Got a couple freelance projects inthe works. Looks like you all will have to get a subscription to Mad Kids.That's right! At least all through next year (and possibley  beyond), I will be illustrating the Family Funnies strip in the Alfred's Brain Drool section. The first issue is on stands now. Cop it!!!!! Don't have much in the way of finished work. I've been juggling again. Hopefully in about six months I'll have a gang of Beast- Man stories to drop on you all. Also in the pipeline is Teen Heaven. I've been writing and drawing this on and off since January of 2004. I keep dropping it in order to work on other, more lucrative assignments (ain't nuthin goin on but the rent), so even tho I'm truckin on it now, this bitch won't be done in less than a year. So don't expect to see it until early 2007, at the earliest. But it will be worf it! Here's some work in progress pages, presented in random order.. And some finished (or close to it) pages) Be sure to add Teen Heaven to you book of friends! and check out the old 03 comic strips!
and, along with all that, some Beastman shit!(work in progress) hope you dig em, and keep an eye out for all this stuff in the near future!
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