No new images to post, but I can't leave chyall blank, so.. just wanted to wish everyone a happy and safe thanks giving day. Eat some food, watch the game, love your fam and friends and appreciate life.Though we shouldn't buy into the lies and myths that surround Thanksgiving, we shouldn't get all doom and gloom about it either. Have a good fuckin time. No work, just play!

so with that being said, I have a 4 day weekend. If anybody in the area wants to hang, hit me up

Tonight I'll be at the Black Beetle 2532 N. Chicago

21 10ish Free

Going on this Saturday...

Check out this event: TRIM @ theElboRoom

Hosted By: Carrie When: Saturday Nov 26, 2005 at 7:00 PM Where: theElboRoom 2871 N.Lincoln Chicago, IL 60601 US and

I'm gonna try and make both.

Peace! Jose