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Sorry to post, like a billion times this week, but fuck it. This is some good news,
Fuckin A! The Jingle Belle trade was reviewed in the November Booklist.. I swiped this from Dark Horse


Jingle Belle TPB

With flash and flair, Santa's eternally teenage daughter, Jingle Belle, along with her flying musk ox, Thrasher, and a host of North Pole regulars make Christmas cool. Sick of her unknown status in the holiday-icon pantheon, she devises ways to make her mark on the Christmas scene. Attempts to create a new cartoon classic, complete with Rankin-Bass' style puppets, are thwarted once TV execs get their hands on the project. Turning the declining Santaville park into a wildly successful Christmas-theme casino seems like a good idea, but all goes awry when the local Mob boss wants a cut of the action.
Add a sweet vignette showing some of Jingle's past boyfriends and a holiday special featuring Sheriff Ida Red of Mutant Texas, and you have a holiday classic in the making. The art-sly and loaded with little homages to animation greats like Tex Avery-and the storytelling mesh seamlessly to evoke Jingle's humor and charm. With twice the caffeine and half the saccharine of most holiday specials, this is worthy of year-round shelf space.
(Young Adult: The WB-style art and Jingle's wicked sweet-sixteen humor will go over well. Tina Coleman).

(Booklist, November 2005)YEAHR! we kick ass!and this is from



Official Press Release

You better watch out! With a hot trade paperback currently selling out in comic shops and a new sculpted ornament debuting this week, Santa Claus's rebellious teen daughter is the must-see humor character of the 2005 holiday season. Paul Dini's Jingle Belle returns in an all-new one-shot book from Dark Horse Comics December 14th, and joining in the merriment to illustrate her adventures are artists Stephanie Gladden, Jose Garibaldi and J. Bone.

"This book has something for everyone." Promises creator/writer Paul Dini. "Comedy, warmth, and extreme violence -- all the things that really bring home the modern American Christmas celebration. It's also a perfect introduction for readers who have not yet been exposed to the madness Jing unleashes at the North Pole."

Titled "The Fight Before Christmas", the book's lead story finds Jingle's Mighty Elves hockey team in pitched battle against their archrivals the Snow Leopards. "Jing is all about a nice, clean game," Dini explains, "Until someone cheats, then it's every girl for herself."

The second story, co-written by Dini's new bride Misty Lee, features Jingle playing Cupid for a lovelorn lemming pal. What's a rodent to do when he's only a third-level toy tester and the lemming of his dreams is a high-class ribbon-holder? Jing's advice, "Take the girl for a night on the town. Just don't tell my old man you'll be driving his new roadster."

Finally, Jing adopts a more defiant attitude when Santa forces her to attend this year's Christmas tree lighting ceremony at the White House.

"Jing isn't first on the naughty list this year," Dini reveals. "There are many folks in Washington vying for the top position and in this story she runs afoul of several of them."

Jingle Belle: The Fight Before Christmas arrives in comic stores December 14th with a retail price of 2.99. It is also available to order online at www.Darkhorse.com

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