Soul in the hole

So, last night I was digging through the mounds of cds that used tobe piled around my computer (now somewhat neatly put away) looking for a certain Junko Mizuno image that I can't seem to find on the internet anymore. It took me about four hours, but I found it. What took me so long was coming across all the files I hadn't seen in years. Old drawings, sketches, mp3's and photos. I grabbed a small bunch and thought I'd share. This Spider-Man I did as a birthday gift for a prospective client's husband sometime in '02. Of course she never got back to back to me after that... Never again.

When I worked at Officemax back in 98/99, I used to hit up all the top stock with these kick ass marker drawings. KUK was my name, though all the managers new it was obviously my drawing on the boxes. They did appreciate the art, though. This I did after Ol' Dubs was nearly assassinated by a pretzel. 100% photoshop.
Jeffrey Zachs in: The Boy Had Wings
Here's a couple photos from back in the day L-R: Charlie, Me (holding up my then new t-shirt designs) and our friend Sarah chillin in Michigan sometime in May of '99.
One of the few photos of "Eggplant" Stan Wenches known to exist. He's on the left and super talent Mike Bianco is on the right. If you have not done so already, check out Stan's comic, Cornflakes! online here.
Some Jingle Belle production drawings- Characters from Jingle Belle issue 2
Outlaws from the first flashback in JB no. 2
cover pencils for JB no4
done for the Jingle Belle website back in 03. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
And last for today, the result of last nights Sketch thang @ Piece. Internet semthathion and Public Defender- Brian Peppers!!! 

Peace, chyull!


artwork © 2005 Jose Garibaldi Jingle Belle is ™ and © 2005 Paul Dini