Apartment's clean!for the most part at least. Don't forget, party at my place this coming Saturday(the 19th)! Local cats, hit me up for directions. It's Sara's birthday party.Other than cleaning, I've been taking it chill. I'm working on some more color stuff for Jim Mahfood, coloring my NYC Mech pin up, drawing some Beastman shit and working on a short story I did started about two years ago. It was actually done, but since I'm switching the format I'm going to write and draw an extra three pages. It's a fun little piece.

Speaking of Piece, hope to see some of you tonight at Piece on North Ave. It's our monthly sketchbook gathering.Yesterday, me and Blaylock went to check out the Windy City Rollers at the Congress Theatre. That shit was fun. Girls on skates kicking ass. I was there to root for the Hell's Belles. Too bad it's the last match of the season. Check out these badass ladies- Dayglow, Penny and Athena I think this will be the subject of my next All Star Fucking Fight drawing...

Peace, Ch'all! Jose