My head's spinning. I was hoping to relax after I finished that JBstory and came home from L.A. Instead it's death, birth, desire to get up, get my apartment, get my finances right, paint here and check out my friend's band there. Last night I saw my buddy Steve perform at the Darkroom. Steve's a super-talented cat ( http://www.myspace.com/nomasmanos) and he put on a excellent set last night. Unfortunately, the whole time I was there I felt I could lay my head down at the bar and sleep for a week. Earlier I had rush to the hospital and see my new nephew (not my blood nephew, Sara's bood nephew) Eliott! He was born around 1:30 yesterday. Congrats to Jen and Mark!

After the Darkroom, I walked home (@12am) , threw on some Rocky & Bullwinkle, and was out in under 15 minutes. I think I got about 8hrs of sleep last night. Damn.

Saturday I painted at the Black Beetle with Pickel, Haiku and WBC on the decks. It was laid back, fun. I almost didn't make it. My brain was back n forth between the hospital, the Beetle and my apartment. I picked at three paintings throughout the night, somewhat finishing two. The last one I'll finish at home, make it look pretty n stuff. acrylic on matte board Buhn, Buhn, BUUUUUUUUHHHHHNNN!!!

While I was cleaning my apartment, I came upon an old idea notebook. It's from about two or three years ago. I think before I get rolling on Teen Heaven again or any other big jobs, I'll kick out a few short stories I've been waiting to do since forever. (and yes, that does include some T.H. shorts) these are sketches for a button I designed for my pals, Midstates the final design

some Teen Heaven antics.....

some of my babies Do you remember lined paper?

Here are a shitload of Beastman character designs. They're about two years old, but they're exactly where I want them to be ( except Beastman's hands shouldn't be so thick)

Let's Hear It For The Good Guys!! (YYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!!) Hardy Boiled, Playboy Godzillionaire Beastman, champion of Thug City Marde, Beastman's pal from space...

From L-R: Brock Smith the Lock Smith Larry Collinsworth, America's Premiere Postal Carrier and Beastman's Pal, Kriegan Think, Beastman's Shrink

Prefessor Germania
Needle Noggin
Popcorn Brown
Gangland Crab
Enjoy, Notches!


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