Jingle Belle Ornament out 11/09/05!! Mad Kids.1 Also!!

I just saw this posted somewhere,according to the Diamond Shipping list, the JB ornament I designed is supposed to be available in stores tomorrow! Do me a favor and pick one up, or two or three. I didn't even get one yet. Shit, I didn't get a copy of the trade yet...

Jingle Belle Ornament Features: 3 DesktopsNot content to live in the shadow of her dad, Santa Claus, eternal teenager Jingle is constantly craving attention and making trouble. Inspired by Jingle's comic book adventures, we've decided to make an eye-catching ornament in her honor. With help from Jingle Belle creator Paul Dini and artist extraordinaire Jose Garibaldi, we've designed a fantastic ornament that does the swingin' elf gal justice.Pub. Date: Nov 16, 2005 Format: 4 7/8" tall, fully painted polyresin, packaged in full-color window box Price: $14.99

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DH Alert me when this item is released!

Also, I did get my copies of Mad Kids #1! I have a three panel strip titled Family Funnies. This issue drops Nov. 15th They even used a chunk of my art for the contents page! a little sneak... shhhhh here's the cover so you know what to check for..... guess which drawing's mine....