Project: Romantic!

Adhouse books announced their new anthology at SPX last week (or so). I'm amped about this! I already know what I'm gonna do.It's due next summer, so that leaves plenty of time to save up (don't spend that Christmas money right away! project: romantic by various and published by AdHouse Books The trilogy is complete. With Project: Romantic, Adhouse Books follows up their smash hits of Superior and Telstar with a book about love... and love stuff. The anthology is in the early planning stages, but we're very excited abou the contributors who have expressed interest in participating. See below for a partial list of contributors! Ships the summer of 2006. 2C wrap-around cover by Maris Wicks 288(?) 4C pages 6" x 9" perfect bound $19.95 US funds ISBN 0-9770304-2-3 Shipping the summer of 2006 Diamond order #: TBAlinks... to come 

creators... Big Time Attic | Randall Christopher | Joshua Cotter | Nick Craine | Brian Flynn | Doug Fraser | Jose Garibaldi | Debbie Huey | Damien Jay | Chip Kidd | Hope Larson | Mike Laughed | Adam McGovern/Paolo Leandri | Junko Mizun | Scott Morse | Mark Nagata | Roger Peterson | Chris Pitzer | Joel Priddy | Paul Rivoche | Jim Rugg | Alberto Ruiz | Maris Wicks | Ash Wood and many MORE!

--------------------------------------------------------------------- Check that line up! I was somewhat involved in last year's Project: Superior when I colored Jim Mahfood's One Page Filler Man story. Pick that up along with the first Project: Telstar. Good shit! ----------------------------------------------------- Still plugging away at those Jingle Belle pages. Thought I'd be further along, but I'm still not in the danger zone. My head was fucking with me this past weekend, and I found it difficult to sit and focus on what I was working on. I must say- these are the best JB pages I've drawn. I guess could post a little teaser.... I get to draw cars and trains and buildings and all kinds of crazy shit I don't usually draw, so I gets to flex on this. And it will be in full color. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Saturday the cabin fever was getting to me, along with the usual anxieties that plague my mental. So I had to bounce. Josh called and invited me to go see Hack/Slash, a play based on our friend Tim Seeley's comic of the same name. It was fun, got splattered with blood, lost a pack of smokes, then kicked it with Josh, Tim and the cast members at at the apartment of one of the actors. Had some good ass cake. Damn (now that I think of it), though I had a good time, it was uneventful. What has become of my life? Oh well, at least I got out and went somewhere besides a bar...
Right?Peace, JJ
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