Something for the old...

I'm not going to have many new sketches for a while. Pretty much all the sketching I'm doing is in preparation for a project. So, what I will do today, is post some old sketches from two years ago, when I began working on Jingle Belle: Dash Away All. These are all conceptual character designs. These guys have all changed in appearance, only because I've grown more comfortable with them, and I'm proud to have left a sort of "signature" with this characters. When the first Jingle Belle came out from Oni, I NEVER would have imagined ever drawing her. I was on some left field type shit, drawing crazy stuff. I was all about my own characters and stories.Since then I have developed a strange attachment to the world of JB... weird.Anyway, the new JB one shot- The Fight Before Christmas will be available DEC 14th, and the JB Collection is coming who-knows-when. I have no idea what the hold up is... Anyway, sketches, have a good weekend. I'll be inside drawing. mostly. Peace! jj SKETCHES____ a color sketch, screwing with texture, etc...
left- early Jing sketch c. 2003, right- new design for the one shot, righter- Jingle Belle 2099, based on a suggestion fron Josh Blaylock.
Santa and JB. I had just come off Maria's Wedding when I got the Dash Away All gig, so some of the style carried over...
Big Daddy Kringle- Ain't half steppin Who out there can tell me where Santa's dialogue(above) comes from?
Early Eddie. And for the record, his final design was NOT based on me.
Rusty, Jing's cousin
Soft Servants, probably my favorite
Different Bliz Wiz ideas.All characters are © 2005 Paul Dini artwork is © 2005 Jose Garibaldi

So, Chicago folks, what's going on for the weekend?
Oh, shit, a couple things of note: a- you could pre-order Jingle Belle; The Fight Before Christmas (Dark Horse Comics) in the new Diamond Previews. It ships Dec 14th b- In the same catalog you could also pre-order One Page Filler Man, Jim Mahfood's new graphic novel (image comics) I colored the cover to that mo'fo. c- Speaking of Jim Mahfood and Colors, I just finished coloring the cover for the Earthworms album. peep it! dig it, then check out the Earthworms here:
And last weekend I completed a strip for MAD MAGAZINE!!!!!! actually it's Mad for Kids #1, but still it's a childhood dream come true! fuckin A! I'll keep you all posted when I find out the release date, etc. Hopefully they'll ask me back!
Peace! JJ