Check the Time

Yo. Hello.Nothing new around these parts, except for a flood of work coming my way. Which is a good good good thing. Just as long as I don't fuck it all up. Have I ever mentioned how I believe my life will end the same way an episode of Benny Hill did? Anyway, keeping it short. Just wanted to drop some more sketches on the Myspace "public". Hope you enjoy... New Jingle Belle sketches I heart the lemmings.... New JB design. Quite a difference from the first time I drew her two years ago.. from the Oni Sunday comic. July 03 last nights sketches....I thought the Jingle Belle trade from last year's series was due out tomorrow (Dark Horse's site has it listed for Sept. 14th) but I don't see it listed on the Diamond shipping list... What's the deal, Dark Horse? As soon as I find out I'll drop a bulletin and let everybody know (so you could spend your hard earned $$$ on this book!)

Lates! Jose