NYC Mechsican

Hey hey. How are you. I'm living. You know, riding the ups and downs in life. Last week was a bit of a shit.(not horrible, just a pain in the ass) Got into an auto accident (some dude sideswiped my, then tried to lay the blame on me. Fucker.) Then, the little trooper known as my 93 Geo Storm (which I bought from Scott Ruhl) bit it on the expressway last Thurs. So, now I'm rockin a 03 Chevy Cavalier. Too bad the gas I need to run the fuckin thing costs more than the car itself.Those who've experienced the Storm's kick ass sound system and power window should be applauding me. Thank you, thank you. I'm moving up in this world. But with car issues and paperwork and helping my sister move into her clusterfucked dorm and the accident and taking the most beautiful woman in the world to see Tori Amos and running here and not finding this important paper or that important paper and keeping the old broke down car from being impounded and this an that....I thought my head was gonna spin the fuck off. But the plane is righting itself, albeit slowly. The past few days have been pretty tense at work. Y'see, our headquarters is located in New Orleans. I'm sure you've kept up on what's going on there. Most of our employees have checked in and are okay ("okay" meaning alive) Some have lost their homes. The worst is far from over for them, and I hope they remain safe in the midst of chaos. Bush better get the fuck up off his ass and handle it. If you can, please donate and help these folks out.
But, for all the shit that went down during the week, this brought a smile to my little brown heart. Felt: True Tales of Underground Hip-Hop was reviewed in URB! I've been an avid reader of Urb for many years, and to see something I was involved with get press in this mag... It's just fucking cool. Sure, I just colored the covers and it's Jim's thing n all...but my website url got a plug via the back cover art (I'm so glad they put that image in there. I like the back cover better than the front.) But check it for yourself! and they gave the Felt 2 album 5 stars! Fuckin A Right!
As for work, I've been jumping back and forth with Teen Heaven, The Mess Around Flyer, pitches, and this: a pin up for NYC Mech. Right now it's in the middle of being inked up, butt in the meantime here's the pencil art.

Beddie Biey,

Jose G