dinninit (Hey, Hey, Hey)

Sup sup.The past week has been a bit up and down for me. At times I'm high, other times low. Not manic depressive, but some rollercoaster type shit. Maybe I should take a day or two to step back and organize. I've been doing a lot of free work lately, and though I don't mind doing it (it's been for friends, so I actually consider it an honor to do it for these folks) It's been taking me away from shit I should be doing, like Teen Heaven and a couple other pitches. I feel shitty, but looks like I'll finish what I promised folks (Jim, Ivan and Jason, don't sweat, I got youse) then hustle on my own shit. SO, that being said, please don't be offended if I can't do a job for you. We're still friends, and I still got nothin but love. It's just me time. Here's some sketches for this week. I hope next week I'll have some finished shit to show you. Jose G vs. John G, Chicago Comicon 2005
At Retro Wash, Western Ave. Chicago...
Robocop, done at the last sketchbook sesssion, 08/23
The Flash, Sketchbook Session, 08/23
Spider-Man by Raz Ortiz
Thanks to Bob for disrupting the atmosphere of my sketchbook.....Yep, kept it short n skinny. Sorry, ladies. Thanks to those who joined the MTP myspace group. If anybody wants to join, it's open to the public and we got a couple famous people on it, like D Original. Join Here- http://groups.myspace.com/mtpAlso, check out the Lonely Island, three funny dudes who were just hired onto SNL! One as a player and the other two as writers. Big up to Chez, who is also funny and needs to be hired onto SNL also.... http://www.thelonelyisland.com

Peace, sockers!