Say HO! (redux)

Dammit. So I sit and write about my San Diego trip, post pics, leave comments on each one, then this stupid shit hits an error screen. Back button don't help, everything's gone. So rather then try to remember what I wrote I'll get straight to the pics/comments. If you want to know how SD went hit me up or ask me when you see me. I'll say twas a mighty fine trip and I'll have stories n shit. But for now enjoy the images.
Dave Crosland's take on ODB

My man Felipe Smith schoolin motherfuckers on MBQ from TokyoPop.

Jamie S Rich, Chynna Clugston and Mrs. Jones....

Jim Mahfood and Dave Crosland

Me with the Eisner Award I ganked from Scott Morse.

JINGLE BELLE Damn, I was floored when I saw the ornament in person. I had the biggest smile on my face and had to keep myself from breaking the display case and running off with the prototype. There's something about seeing your work turned into a sculpted product.. This is a blow up of my cover for the Jingle Belle TPB at the Dark Horse Booth. It was a thrill getting to sign next to Paul Dini for an hour. That's Paul on the right, waiting for Misty.

Live Art, BeeHive, San Diego 07/16 This was off the hook. I barely remember half the night. Folks kept buying us drinks when I got up to paint.AAAnd I did not take into account the booze Dave , Kelly and I were drinking before the jam. Yikes. Scott and Jim were joined on the boards by a bunch of Pixar dudes, Mark Andrews, Hector Casanova, Dave Crosland and lil old me. Here I am drawing on a skate deck, colors laid out by Mahfood. Here's the finished deck, before it was sold $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Jim Mahfood and Scott Morse doin their dang..

Well, that's it for now. I hope I don't lose this fuckin post again. There's no new sketches. I haven't sketched or read much since I stopped taking the train. I have been using that time to do more piece work and write. You'd all be so proud.

Next week I promise I will post something (only for the bloggg only for the bloggggg!!!)special. And nice.

OH! I almost forgot- Randy Lander at the 4th rail gave my sketchbook (Some Bitch Told Me To Draw) and nice review. Thanks, Randy! It's at the bottom of the page.

Peace Out- Baron Von Awesome "Yoah Beiah!"