The following 3 page comic was published in last year's United Front from The Contemporary Cartoon Militia. I've got a couple more shorts that have not been posted online yet.This one, though, has a different meaning for me now than it had when I did it. At the time (and at various points in my 6yr relationship) I'd get the gut feeling to just up and leave. Leave my love, my home, my job, my family and friends. Leave my childhood. I guess it might have been the fear of never getting to experience the world outside of Lansing/Cal City. I used to dream of going to California(que the Led Zepplin tune), even before I had ever been there. I had no intention on actually acting on these feelings. There was way too much to lose, so I wrote these feelings off as pure fantasy. I still regard them as such. Now that Sara and I are no longer together and I'm living in the city, I now have fantasies of the reverse. Her and I settling down and living the suburban life. Kids, cars, pets and homes. Unfortunately that's as unrealistic as Jose the jetset superstar artist. My purpose and motivation always seems to lie on the other side of the fence. But, as for the strip, I was mad stressed.Most times I felt like I couldn't handle a full time job, a girlfriend, freelance work, plus the everyday bullshit most of us go through. Listening to the Diverse song, "Leaving" (from his album 1 a.m.) inspired me to act out my feelings on paper. I used Mario and the Princess from Super Mario Bros as thinly veiled versions of Sara and I.I never properly explained to her the way I felt. I should have. I never wanted her to think I wanted to bounce because of her. Or that I didn't love her anymore.In fact, she's the reason I stuck around so long. It's just that sometimes you don't belong where you're at,and you gotta take flight.What I wanted more than leaving was leaving with her. That wasn't in the cards. When the comic came out, she mentioned at how depressing the story was. I don't think that's the case at all. It's not depressing at all. Sad? sure. Not all choices result in happiness, but nonetheless probably the right thing to do.

Since the move, I haven't been sketches much (or even at all..). But I am getting back to hauling ass on Teen Heaven. Hopefully I'll have a preview of the first chapter for San Diego next week, and the second chapter for Wizard World Chicago in August. So if you see me at either stop me and ask about Teen Heaven. I'm so fucking proud of this story.