These sketches we're shitty on a whole, but I guess there's a little something on each page that tickles my nancy. Haven't been too active with my sketchbook lately. On the train I've been reading Saul Bellow's Herzog, which I'm really connecting with even if it does take me weeks to read a 300 something page book. I'm not much of a marathon reader. My mind wanders a lot. And with this book I'd get flashbacks of she and me, then drift into a happy memory. But I'm diggin this book hardcore. I may have to buy it.Also, I just colored a flyer drawn by Jim Mahfood for his and Scott Morse's San Diego Comicon Funf Party. As soon as he gives me the go ahead I'll post the art. I went to Zentra last night to check my boy Intel djing. It's a nice place, dig the vibe dig the atmosphere. Sang asked my if I'd like to perform live art there regularly. I might even paint next Wednesday. I'll keep you all informed as I find out what the dill. I'll most likely be a Chicago resident very soon. If all goes good today, I may be moved in a week. And That's Word. Now, how's about I crash your Internet Explorer with my imiches!!!! 1- the sketchbook:
2. This was done last night on a napkin at Zentra:
And a bunch of Teen Heaven sketches I did about a year ago. And yes, I am still working on Teen Heaven. I've got about 100 pages of script. I feel shitty that it's taken me so long, and I hope Oni don't hate me. Peace!
JJ Fadd
Oh Yeah, thanks to all of you who came here from the Drawing Board/Oni Board/ 40 oz Board and left nice comments and added me. That shit makes my day. Much love!!!!!!!!