Pre-Post Script: This entry is a bit long winded, and very heartfelt, so if you don't want to read whiney bullshit, skip ahead to the sketches. To those I know very well, you might want to read it. I name drop.
I guess it's been slacking on the sketching this week. With this big project for work and me going out of my fucking melon, I haven't been doodling as much on the train. Last night hanging with Terry and Jamie put things in perspective (again). My brain is a device that resets it's self every morning. Everyday it's a struggle to talk myself off of that ledge and back into common sense. By the end of the night I'm usually pretty cool. I find myself having to escape the apartmant daily. For multiple reasons. 1- because of my dad, who I love very much, but can't live with. Looks like my stay will be more brief than I intended. Also, we have no AC, and it's fuggin hot in there. I tend to think waaay too much while I'm there. Not happy thoughts, or creative, constructive thoughts either. Just the same old shit day in and day out. I know I'm gonna get sick of trekking out to Borders and Round the Clock and Kilroys. I already kind of am. So I need to move soon. So if anybody out there is bored and has nothing to do, hit me up cluepac AT gmail dot com or josegaribaldi@tmail.com (this will go straight to my phone) Lord knows I've got nothing better to do. Oh, and thanks Laura P, Corey B, Scott R, Carl W, Adam P, Bill H, Zack W, Dave C, Miranda, Matt D for listening to my shit, for offering advice, and bigging me up when I need it. Your support is appreciated. Jamie and Terry, I love you guys. I really have no clue what I would do with myself if it weren't for you two. I just know it wouldn't be good. The words you say stick close to my heart, and I want you to know that everything's gonna be alright. So let's party! Dad- Stop killing yourself. There's so much for you in this world, and you have much to offer. People do love you, you just have to sober the fuck up to see it. Sara- You know how I feel about you. I love you more than I love myself. I always will. Now it's your turn to stop fucking around and love yourself, and do for self what others wouldn't. You are such a precious soul, and I consider myself lucky to know you. I will always be around, please remember this. Love, Jose
Now Sketches!!!!!!