New stuff for your June. Sketches are eh.. but i did a few illos. Finished coloring the art for the Bad Ideas collection (Image Comics) a couple days ago. Wayne said he liked it so much, he'd suck my dick. I can only imagine what Jim and Dave are going to do to top that. They're a competitive bunch.

Here are a few illos I did last week for a paper called The Pitch in Kansas City.Microns, brush w/Windsor Newton Black India, and Prismacolor grey markers...

And fresh off the home PC, the cover for the JB collection From Dark Horse Comics. Collects the 4 issue mini series from this past year. Written by Paul (Batman Animated, Lost) Dini with art by yo's trufully, J. Bone and Stephanie Gladden. Out September 14th(ish)..

until necks time,
Peace out mitches! JJ