Jingle Belle #1

Dark Horse has a 4 page preview from the new Jingle Belle series I've been working on Jingle Belle #1 preview

It's a four issue, full color mini series that runs from Nov 04 to Feb 05. This first issue drops November 24th, and it features a Polly Green back up story drawn by Stephanie Gladden. I'm mos proud!

Now it's back to work on issue 2, almost in the can and looking better than issue #1

Oh, and I also posted an impromptu preview of "Is This The End Of Teen Heaven" my next project after JB. It will be a massive graphic novel (clocking in around 200 pages or so)dealing with the BREAK UP of Teen Heaven. It will be out next summer. More news at 11.

Teen Heaven Preview If the link doesn't work, please cut n paste this: http://p197.ezboard.com/fsawredfrm11.showMessage?topicID=251.topic