The New update page

I'm hoping this blogger thing would make it easier for me to update regularly, so look out, dickheads I'm finna update with a rage! There's a ton of illustrations, stories and sketches I've yet to post, not to mention projects to announce and promote.On the shelf: Bad Ideas #s1 & 2 (Cover Colors) from Image Comics. Tastes Like Chicken Magazine, both print and online Kitchen Sink Magazine #8 A United Front from Punchthroat Anthology Some Bitch Told Me To Draw - a sketchbook collection from And more shit that I'll remember.

On the plate: Putting the Backbone Back (cover colors) Image Comics - September Jingle Belle #1-4 (Cover and interiors) Dark Horse Comics - Nov 04- Feb 04 Is This The End Of Teen Heaven (Story/art) Oni Press - Mid 05

I will explain what the deal is with Teen Heaven, and why it did not come out last month.