StarPoint © 2016

StarPoint, 2016

New Art: StarPoint, 2016 Hello Hello! Yet another rush week. StarPoint was something I put together on the fly this morning. Yesterday, we experienced a 12 hour power out (apparently due to a crow flying into a circuit breaker at an LADWP Power Distribution center). In between running around and tossing fridge content, I decided[…]

At Last © 2016

At Last, 2016

New Art: At Last, 2016 Good Morning/Afternoon! I kinda rocked a rush job this week. Had my head set on working on a different piece, but didn’t think I’d finish it on time. Instead, I grabbed some sketches I had lying around, chopped them up and put this together. It still took me longer than[…]

Petchers © 2016

Petchers, 2016

New Art: Petchers Hey Gang, got another quick one. Petchers is a piece based on a post-it doodle (Yes, I found a TON of post-it sketches that can make some fun finished illustrations).Just wanted to go simple with this one, since there’s plenty of catching up to do around here. Also, hopefully I’ll be able[…]

Bet © 2016

Bet, 2016

New Art: Bet, 2016 Good morning and happy Friday! Got a new one for you this week, “Bet: Escape From The Chalkboard Assassination Squad”. It came together pretty quickly and I’m pretty happy with the results. I parts from two older sketches and combined them for this piece. I think the ones I throw together[…]