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posted by Jose on May 19

Hey doods,

Don’t have much to say right now, just trying to get back in the habit of updating this site. Most of what I’ve been showing has been tossed up on instagram (, Tumblr (, Twitter (, and of course, Facebook ( Be sure to follow if you can. I would mad love you.

I’m still plugging away on TMNT character designs. I’m neck deep in season 3, and my 3 year anniversary is coming up in about a month. How the time, she flies. Anyway, I thought I’d share this little drawing with you. It’s from the Operation: Break Out episode of season 01 (episode 124). Mikey had a dream that he and Donnie were Rodeo Detectives. Some True Detective type shit right there, flat circle and all. It was really great to be able to draw these fools in my style. It’s such an honor to get to work on this show, but to see some straight up Jose G TMNT art on the tv screen damn near tore my head apart.

TMNT Rodeo Detectives

2013 Rodeo Detectives line art from TMNT season 01 ep 24, Operation: Break Out. Property of Nickelodeon/Viacom


Rodeo Detectives screen grab

the final, TVeed out image

Hope all is well out there in webworld. I’ll try to stay more up to date, even if it’s brief and I’m just dropping sketches/doodles.



posted by Jose on Oct 18

I’m a big Super Mario geek. I started these a couple years ago to pass some time between gigs,
all done in Adobe Illustrator
(click on the images for the larger versions)

posted by Jose on Oct 18

this is a commissioned drawing I did a couple years ago…
click on the image for a larger version

posted by Jose on Oct 18

I dig this drawing. I think I’m going to finish it up someday soon..
(click the image for a larger version)

image © 2010 Jose Garibaldi

posted by Jose on Oct 18

mixed media/Digital
click on the image for a larger version

a little tune to go with the image..

posted by Jose on Oct 18

This was a commissioned painting I did last month. The client wanted something in the way of an Ed “Big Daddy” Roth illustration. This is what I cooked up. Acrylic on illustration board. click on the image below for a slightly larger version (sorry, lo-res photo)

posted by Jose on Oct 18

I did this T-shirt design about 2 months ago for homies Maker and Qwel, who are on tour promoting their new album, OWL.

(click on the image)

If they come to your town, check them out. They put on a hell of a show. Buy a T-shirt, too. And check out OWL.
Owl preview mix by DJ Bizkid

image © 2010 Jose Garibaldi

posted by Jose on Oct 18

This was supposed to be my portion of  the 2007 Chicago Funk Jam flyer. I just wasn’t feeling this image at the time.
(click for a larger versh)

I ended up going with the drawing below

which I love and got good response on Myspace and Facebook.
Anyway, I came across that original drawing during my move, and think that I can tweak it and color it up into something nice.
Just wanted to share. I’ll post it if I do decide to do it up something proper.


images © 2010 Jose Garibaldi

posted by Jose on Aug 3

click for a larger image

posted by Jose on Dec 4

Here’s a Transformers webcartoon I worked on about a month or so ago, for my day job at Kunoichi, inc.

music by Doseone, animation by the incredible James Farr
client- Hasbro